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Is there any mechanism that prevents NAT setup in host-only networks?

Questo mi ha salvato.   https://kb.plesk.com/en/7994   Answer Due to security reasons Parallels Server does not allow outgoing traffic from non-allowed IPs from VMs. Network filtering is managed by the following values in VM configuration file: <PktFilter> <PreventPromisc>1</PreventPromisc> <PreventMacSpoof>1</PreventMacSpoof> <PreventIpSpoof>1</PreventIpSpoof> </PktFilter> PreventIpSpoof — if it is enabled outgoing packets are dropped if its source IP […]

my network on Hetzner

Perf on Zeroshell ;-)

VirtualBox with OpenVZ and OpenZFS

Hi, all together  VirtualBox, OpenVZ, OpenZFS , yes can be done 😉  please try yourself 0) install VirtualBox 😉 1) install your CentOS as vm 2) add OpenVZ repo 3) install ovzkernel and ovzkernel-dev 4) reboot the vm with ovzkernel 5) install “group development tools” pkgs 6) add repo ZfsOnLinux 7) yum install zfs 8) […]

Virtualizzare lo studio medico

Ciao, questo post vi racconta come la vitulizzazione possa entrare in uno studio medico con ottimi risulati.   Fase 1  Mac OSX + Parallels + Windows seven + programmi gestionali e di scansione radiografica digitale La struttura software è incentrata sul Mac Pro che ha le maggiori risorse e le rende disponibili agli altri client […]