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how to use sensu-install -p

Ciao, io ho capito solo adesso come usare sensu-install -p   nome-plugin ora mi chiedevo dove li trovo ??? Poi mi sono accorto che sul sito <<https://github.com/sensu-plugins>> i nomi sono del tipo sensu-plugins-elasticsearch  sensu-plugins-memory-checks   bene non ci crederete ma basta eseguire sensu-install -p elasticsearch sensu-install -p memory-checks ed ecco il nostro plugin verrà messo in /opt/sensu/embedded/bin […]

rabbimq-server on lx branded zone

Hi, I’m playing with Sensu in SmartOS LX zone imgadm avail | grep 23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd 23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd centos-7 20161213 linux lx-dataset 2016-12-13 root@d8-cb-8a-bf-92-f0 ~ # imgadm info 23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd { “manifest”: { “v”: 2, “uuid”: “23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd”, “owner”: “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”, “name”: “centos-7”, “version”: “20161213”, “state”: “active”, “disabled”: false, “public”: true, “published_at”: “2016-12-13T16:56:50Z”, “type”: “lx-dataset”, “os”: “linux”, “files”: [ { “sha1”: “57e381704ced765d7ed19ad11efc04d521f608ed”, […]

Sensu mysql check

Hi, I’m working to setup some check on Percona mysql with Sensuapp – I worked with Nagios XI, to setup check on F.A.O  in Rome, I’m proud about that experience but that is another story  – My recipe: yum install Development Tools yum install Percona-Server-devel-XXXX.el6.x86_64 /opt/sensu/embedded/gem install cli /opt/sensu/embedded/gem install inifile /opt/sensu/embedded/gem install mysql Then on […]