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October 2013

new English “idioma”


Performance tools analysis: htop

Hi, more of us have a terrible headache when someone ask: please check the performance please ? So the first idea is : why I don’t have dtrace on  my Gnu/Linux, and then “googling” dtrace4linux  [ https://github.com/dtrace4linux/linux ] but I have to build with toolchain, add some extra packages for building DTrace. Your customer is […]

VirtualBox with OpenVZ and OpenZFS

Hi, all together  VirtualBox, OpenVZ, OpenZFS , yes can be done 😉  please try yourself 0) install VirtualBox 😉 1) install your CentOS as vm 2) add OpenVZ repo 3) install ovzkernel and ovzkernel-dev 4) reboot the vm with ovzkernel 5) install “group development tools” pkgs 6) add repo ZfsOnLinux 7) yum install zfs 8) […]

For us VAT 22 % for them LibreOffice

Valencia region government completes switch to LibreOffice The administration of the Spanish autonomous region of Valencia has completed its switch to LibreOffice, a free and open source suite of office productivity applications. Last week Friday the region’s ICT department announced that the office suite is installed on all of the 120,000 desktop PCs of the […]