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May 2017

moodle and ssl proxy server

How to configure moodle with a frontend ssl ? VM1: (nginx + letsencrypt)  ——>VM2: apache2 with moodle   Setting up your moodle On a basic moodle site, it will be simple to set up https. Simply edit config.php and change http:// to https:// in $CFG->wwwroot. However if you are using a proxy or load balancer, […]

how to use sensu-install -p

Ciao, io ho capito solo adesso come usare sensu-install -p   nome-plugin ora mi chiedevo dove li trovo ??? Poi mi sono accorto che sul sito <<https://github.com/sensu-plugins>> i nomi sono del tipo sensu-plugins-elasticsearch  sensu-plugins-memory-checks   bene non ci crederete ma basta eseguire sensu-install -p elasticsearch sensu-install -p memory-checks ed ecco il nostro plugin verrà messo in /opt/sensu/embedded/bin […]