Add TXT dns record with tophost


I was working to became a reseller of the gOOgle 😉 and to be sure that the domain is just yours you have the add a TXT record into DNS configuration. But my service provider  doesn’t in the list,  so there isn’t any procedure.

Below my procedure !!!

– login into cpanel

Control panel

– select “Servizio DNS”

– read the beware messages and then select “Vai al pannello del DNS ”

Beware message

– select “Aggiungi nuovo record”

Aggiungi Nuovo Record

– put the new values

Aggiungi un Record

Nome ------>reseller
Tipo -------->TXT
Valore------->gOOgle code without final dot

now you can select  “Aggiungi” —–>Home ——>Logout ——>Esci.

That’s it

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