rabbimq-server on lx branded zone

I’m playing with Sensu in SmartOS LX zone

imgadm avail | grep 23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd

23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd centos-7 20161213 linux lx-dataset 2016-12-13
root@d8-cb-8a-bf-92-f0 ~ # imgadm info 23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd
“manifest”: {
“v”: 2,
“uuid”: “23ee2dbc-c155-11e6-ab6d-bf5689f582fd”,
“owner”: “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”,
“name”: “centos-7”,
“version”: “20161213”,
“state”: “active”,
“disabled”: false,
“public”: true,
“published_at”: “2016-12-13T16:56:50Z”,
“type”: “lx-dataset”,
“os”: “linux”,
“files”: [

“sha1”: “57e381704ced765d7ed19ad11efc04d521f608ed”,
“size”: 261271891,
“compression”: “gzip”
“description”: “Container-native CentOS 7.3 64-bit image. Built to run on containers with bare metal speed, while offering all the services of a typical unix host.”,
“homepage”: “https://docs.joyent.com/images/container-native-linux”,
“requirements”: {
“networks”: [
“name”: “net0”,
“description”: “public”
“min_platform”: {
“7.0”: “20160317T000105Z”
“brand”: “lx”
“tags”: {
“role”: “os”,
“kernel_version”: “3.10.0”
“zpool”: “zones”,
“source”: “https://images.joyent.com”

The  Sensu documentation  tell us how to install rabbitmq-server  and all is working as expect. I was in trouble just with
systemctl restart rabbitmq-server
The command after a lot of time answer me with error 🙁     After google-ing I have to use my resource.

Systemd call rabbitmq-server.service ?

[root@sensu01 ~]# systemctl status rabbitmq-server -l
● rabbitmq-server.service – RabbitMQ broker
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/rabbitmq-server.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
Active: active (running) since Thu 2017-04-20 17:39:51 UTC; 2min 51s ago
Process: 6672 ExecStop=/usr/sbin/rabbitmqctl stop (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
Main PID: 7131 (rabbitmq-server)
CGroup: /system.slice/rabbitmq-server.service
├─7131 /bin/sh -e /usr/lib/rabbitmq/bin/rabbitmq-server
├─7361 /usr/lib64/erlang/erts-8.3/bin/beam.smp -W w -A 128 -P 1048576 -t 5000000 -stbt db -zdbbl 32000 -K true -B i — -root /usr/lib64/erlang -progname erl — -home /var/lib/rabbitmq — -pa /usr/lib/rabbitmq/lib/rabbitmq_server-3.6.9/ebin -noshell -noinput -s rabbit boot -sname rabbit@sensu01 -boot start_sasl -config /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq -kernel inet_default_connect_options [{nodelay,true}] -sasl errlog_type error -sasl sasl_error_logger false -rabbit error_logger {file,”/var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit@sensu01.log”} -rabbit sasl_error_logger {file,”/var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit@sensu01-sasl.log”} -rabbit enabled_plugins_file “/etc/rabbitmq/enabled_plugins” -rabbit plugins_dir “/usr/lib/rabbitmq/plugins:/usr/lib/rabbitmq/lib/rabbitmq_server-3.6.9/plugins” -rabbit plugins_expand_dir “/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/rabbit@sensu01-plugins-expand” -os_mon start_cpu_sup false -os_mon start_disksup false -os_mon start_memsup false -mnesia dir “/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/rabbit@sensu01” -kernel inet_dist_listen_min 25672 -kernel inet_dist_listen_max 25672
├─7537 erl_child_setup 65536
├─7625 inet_gethost 4
└─7626 inet_gethost 4
‣ 7131 /bin/sh -e /usr/lib/rabbitmq/bin/rabbitmq-server

So first I check if  /usr/lib/rabbitmq/bin/rabbitmq-server is working on CLI and yes it works.
What’s in /usr/lib/systemd/system/rabbitmq-server.service
[root@sensu01 ~]# cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/rabbitmq-server.service
Description=RabbitMQ broker
After=syslog.target network.target
ExecStop=/usr/sbin/rabbitmqctl stop

And I found that Type=notify

<<Behavior of notify is similar to simple; however, it is expected that the daemon sends a notification message via sd_notify(3) or an equivalent call when it has finished starting up. systemd will proceed with starting follow-up units after this notification message has been sent. If this option is used, NotifyAccess= (see below) should be set to open access to the notification socket provided by systemd. IfNotifyAccess= is missing or set to none, it will be forcibly set to main. Note that currently Type=notify will not work if used in combination with PrivateNetwork=yes.>>

But we are inside a lx smartos zone so can be some mismatching  between system call  – in this case I’d like to know dtrace, but not until at the moment-

I change the  Unit section in rabbitmq-server.service





In the end systemctl restart rabbitmq-server is working as expect

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